PROPHECY FEST 2024 • BALVER HÖHLE, GERMANY • 5.-7. September 2024

5.-7. September 2024



Where is the fest area?
The Balver Höhle is located directly on the B229 with the address: Helle 2, 58802 Balve. From the  railway station of Balve the distance is 650 metres distance, which equals about 8 minutes on foot.

Can I also reach the fest site by bus?
Yes, the local bus lines 132 and 137 stop in the immediate vicinity of the cave at the bus stop “Alte Ziegelei”.

Where do I get my fest wristband?
Fest wristbands will be handed out from Thursday at 10:00 am until Friday at 10:00 pm on the premises of Hering eK. From 10:00 am on Saturday, wristbands and parking tickets will be issued directly at the entrance to the cave until the end of the event.

Is it possible to arrive outside the opening hours of the band & parking ticket office?
If you arrive outside opening hours, wristbands and parking tickets can be collected at the box office at the cave entrance on Friday and Saturday during the ongoing fest for as long as there are bands on stage. It is unfortunately not possible to arrive outside opening hours and after the last band of the day has finished playing.

Where are the camping and parking tickets issued?
Camping and parking tickets can be purchased at the Prophecy Fest Ticket Office where also the wristbands are being issued. These are compulsory for all visitors who want to spend the night on the camping site or on one of the car parks. In contrast to previous years, camping tickets will be checked. Important: With a vehicle, you can only enter the fest grounds with a valid parking ticket. Anyone arriving on Friday before 10:00 pm without a parking ticket will be sent to the Hering eK site.

How do I find the right parking space?
Visitors will be directed to the parking spaces by colour-coded signposts, which are identical to the colour of the parking ticket. In addition to that traffic guides will also provide directions. Each time a vehicle enters fest grounds, the parking ticket will be collected by the traffic guides.

If I leave the car park by car, will I get my parking ticket back?
No. After leaving the grounds with any vehicle, a new parking ticket must be purchased as the parking ticket is collected by the traffic guides each time a car enters the fest area.

Can I also sleep in my car in one of the parking spaces?
Yes, but this also requires a camping ticket.

Am I allow to drive onto the campsite with my car?
Sorry, no. It is prohibited to drive onto the camping site due to official regulations.

What are the costs for  the parking tickets?
Long-term parking: 10 €
Day parking: 5 €
If you arrive with a camper, you have to order a Recreational vehicle pass for 50 € in our ticket shop.
All parking tickets are colour-coded according to the parking space.

Are there any shower facilities?
All holders of a camping ticket will have free access to the shower facilities at an indoor swimming pool (In der Murmke 9, 58802 Balve) on Saturday.  The regular opening times of the pool can be found here: www.balve.de/leben-in-balve/aktiv-in-balve/hallenbad

For holders of a Comfort Ticket further shower facilities are available (see Comfort Ticket).

Where can I pick up my pre-ordered festival merchandise (Click & Collect)?
All festival merchandise pre-ordered via Click & Collect will be handed out on the premises of Hering eK, just like the festival wristbands. This means that you can easily stow merchandise into your vehicle or backpacks right away. From Friday at 22:00 on, all remaining pre-orders can be collected from the merch stand in the cave.

What is the ‘Prophetic Overture’ and the ‘welcome drink’ all about?
The festival wristband will also be required to pick up the free welcome drink at the ‘Prophetic Overture’ on Thursday for a barbecue and picnic with music. It is also needed to gain access to the cave on the other festival days.

Will there be a programme book again this year?
Yes. Every visitor will receive a programme book with their ticket when collecting the wristband.

Can I bring my own food and drinks onto the festival site?
No. Please note that it is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks onto the fest site. All bags will be thoroughly checked. The more bags need to be checked, the slower visitors will get in. As a notable exception, visitors are allowed to bring their own drinks and food to the opening event Prophetic Overture outside the cave area on Thursday.

Are cameras permitted in the cave?
Visitors are allowed to bring photo cameras to the cave. The use of flash is prohibited. Please always respect the rights to their own picture of visitors and staff. These must be respected at all times.

Is filming allowed at the festival?
We kindly ask all visitors to refrain from filming. Cameras and mobile phones permanently held up in the air are an annoyance. Security personal might ask guests that are filming to stop and may also take further measures, if necessary. Please note that we have a film team on site to record the entire event.

Will there be merchandise?
Yes. Merchandise can be ordered in advance before the festival via click & collect and of course, a wide range of albums and merchandise of the performing artists will also be made available in the Balver Höhle.

I won’t attend the fest, where can I sell my ticket?
Resale is only permitted via our official partner TicketSwap. There you can resell your ticket easily and securely. TicketSwap takes care of payment and transfer and issues a new ticket. This ensures the greatest possible security. If you want to sell your ticket, follow this link.

A list of cab companies:

  • Taxi Zabel, Balve                              +49 2375 3683 / +49 2375 4555
  • Taxi Sieben, Menden                      +49 2373 2000 ab 17.00 Uhr
  • Taxi Engler, Menden                       +49 2373 81088 und +49 2373 81888
  • Taxi Gregor, Menden                      +49 2373 1399
  • Flextaxi, Arnsberg-Neheim           +49 2932 1766
  • Taxi Erner, Hemer                            +49 2372 8484
  • Funktaxi OHG                                   +49 2372 13077