PROPHECY FEST 2024 • BALVER HÖHLE, GERMANY • 5.-7. September 2024

5.-7. September 2024



Prophecy Fest is a gathering of friends and followers of the German label Prophecy Productions. It is conceived as a friendly family gathering, which is reflected in its approach to sustainability, inclusion, local connections and culture, gentle tourism, and a focus on the welfare of the visitors and working personal.

Regional anchoring
– Prophecy Fest attracts visitors from 5 continents and more than 30 countries to the Hönne Valley in the Sauerland region, ensuring fully booked hotels and restaurants.
– The close cooperation with local, volunteer-run associations such as the Balve Festival Association, the St. Sebastian Balve Rifle Association and Ditib Turkish-Islamic Community Balve increases local added value.
– The integration of offers of the local and regional culture increases the quality and duration of the stay of the guests.
– The welcome drink at the opening “Prophetic Overture” on Thursday is a handmade local country beer from sustainable production.
– On the festival page on the web, information texts explain the history and significance of the region for the festival and invite visitors to make excursions into the surrounding countryside.
– Cooperation with local and regional suppliers for food, drinks, merchandise and retail supports the regional economy.

Sustainability & environmental protection
– As a catering partner, the Balve Festival Association exclusively uses reusable cups instead of disposable cups for serving.
– Waste separation through bins for trash and recyclable material on the premises.
– The alternative range of vegetarian and vegan dishes is prepared from regional and sustainable ingredients. This also applies to the meat dishes.
– The festival site is connected to biking and hiking trails. The festival site encourages travel by bicycle and public transportation.
– The traffic concept is designed to minimize automobile traffic. Trips during the festival are subject to a fee for sustainability reasons.
– Energy consumption is minimized by using environmentally friendly power sources such as LED lighting.

People & Family
– Sufficient security personnel and helpers ensure the safety of visitors and an appropriate response to any emergencies.
– Close coordination and trusting cooperation with the relevant authorities also serve to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.
– A highly visible, centrally located first-aid station on the grounds and professional medical staff ensure first aid in the event of an emergency.
– The volume level at the festival will be deliberately kept lower than usual to protect people and nature.
– The capacity of the cave will not be fully utilized in order to guarantee a relaxed experience for all visitors and to facilitate the work of the helpers.
– Numerous seating areas allow for resting.
– Children under the age of 14 are admitted free of charge when accompanied by their parents. A child-friendly noise barrier is a prerequisite.

– The festival grounds are barrier-free and have wheelchair-accessible facilities.
– People with disabilities receive free access to the grandstand with seats
– Accompanying persons of people with disabilities (e.g. with characteristic sign “B”) receive free admission to the festival.
– An inclusive, respectful atmosphere welcomes all visitors.

Future planning
– A further reduction of disposable items such as plastic cutlery, napkins, etc.
– An expansion of family-friendliness e.g. through child-friendly activities and quiet zones.
– Creation of a CO2 compensation offer for emissions caused by the festival.