PROPHECY FEST 2024 • BALVER HÖHLE, GERMANY • 5.-7. September 2024

5.-7. September 2024


Camping site Balver Höhle:

You can set up your tent close to Balver Höhle. This area has only the most basic installations, i.e. toilets and water taps. The charge per person is 15 €. You can buy camping tickets here, as well as a supplementary ticket that grants faster access to the festival ground and the merchandise booth as well as the possibility to shower at a nearby facility.

Officially the site is open from Thursday to Sunday noon. Please try not to arrive earlier. It is on the right hand side in front of the cave (standing on the parking lot, you take the path to the left).

You may bring your own food and beverages, but please clean up after yourselves for the sake of the environment and our good relationship with the town of Balve.

There is a space for RV/motor homes as well.

Hostels/small hotels in Balve and the surrounding region:

Accommodation in the Hoennetal
– Balver Land– Accommodations near Sundern
– Youth Hostel
– Nordic Park
– Youth Hostel Soest
– Youth Hostel Möhnesee

Freizeitpark Sorpesee:
Sorpesee (8 km distance from Balve) is a holiday park with a variety of accommodations, e.g. a camping site, wooden huts or so-calles “Trollhotels”.


Balve is situated in the center of Germany between Dortmund, Cologne, Frankfurt and Hannover. To be exact: in the Sauerland, 50km to the southeast of the Ruhr Area.

Balver Höhle
Helle 2
Balve, Germany

Balver Höhle (as well as the camping site) has its own parking lot. Costs for the parking tickets:
– Long-term parking: 10 €
– Day parking: 5 €
– If you arrive with a camper, you have to pay a one-time fee of 25 € for the parking space.

All parking tickets are colour-coded according to the parking space. The lot is open from Thursday afternoon to Sunday at noon.

Nearby Airports:
Frankfurt/Main, Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund, Münster/Osnabrück, Frankfurt/Hahn, Paderborn/Lippstadt, Düsseldorf, Weeze/Niederrhein, Kassel. From there, you get access via rental car or train. There are direct train connections to Balve via Deutsche Bahn.